In order to install plugins and themes from private repositories with WP Pusher, you need a license. If you haven't yet purchased a license, you can do so here.

Site installs

Your WP Pusher license comes with a certain amount of "site installs". Every WordPress installation where you activate your WP Pusher license counts as a site install. If you want to revoke a site or manage your license key, you can do so from the WP Pusher dashboard. You can learn more about the dashboard in this guide.

Automatic renewal

Your WP Pusher license is on a running yearly subscription. This means that your license will be renewed automatically, unless you cancel it. You can manage your license from the WP Pusher dashboard.

Upgrading your license

If you need more sites as part of your WP Pusher license, you can upgrade your license at any time through the WP Pusher dashboard. When you upgrade, your automatic renewal will not be affected and you will be charged the difference between your new license level and your current level, prorated for the time that you have remaining on your subscription.

For example, if you are upgrading in from a $100 plan to a $200 plan and you had 6 months left on your subscription, your upgrade charge would be:

$100 (the difference between then plans) * .5 (6 months or half a year) = $50

Need any help?

If you have any questions about WP Pusher, Git or WordPress, our email is Don't hesitate shooting us a message! You can also click the little ❤️ in the corner of this page.